Cloughduv National School

10th May 2022

Mr. O’Callaghans 5th and 6th class joined Sam’s Business Bus for our weekly live virtual lessons. The class learned all about the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Each week students built on their ideas creating vision and a mission for that idea, conducting a SWOT analysis, goal setting and action planning. The class told Gráinne, our Engagement Officer, that Simon the Seaweed Harvester, one of our Sam’s Business Bus Entrepreneurs, was their favourite avatar during the programme. The class’s favourite programme module was Action Plans. Some of the students in the class were on the Green Schools Committee. They used what they learned in Sam’s Business Bus and the Action Plans module to create an Green Schools Action Plan which the school later achieved their Green Schools flag.

Gráinne our Engagement Officer visited Mr. O’Callaghan’s class to present them with their Entrepreneurial Excellence award and to present their individual programme certificates too. While some in the class are moving into secondary school, the incoming 6th class cannot wait to start Sam’s Business Bus again next term and help mentor the incoming 5th class students on all things entrepreneurship.

About the Programme:

Sam’s Business Bus is a bespoke entrepreneurial programme aimed at sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship with school children and inspiring young people to become the entrepreneurs of the future. The students that board Sam’s Business Bus will discover their skills in leadership and management. They will become more aware of their own community and provide solutions to societal challenges…READ MORE

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