The programme

Sam’s Business Bus is a bespoke entrepreneurial programme aimed at sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship with school children and inspiring young people to become the entrepreneurs of the future. 


The students that board Sam’s Business Bus will discover their skills in leadership and management.  They will become more aware of their own community and provide solutions to societal challenges.  The programme will enable students to develop partnerships with the wonderful entrepreneurs working near them. 


Sam’s Business Bus is delivered without any cost to schools or parents as it is funded by Enterprise Ireland. 

Collaborative Online Learning

Encouraging Entrepreneurship

Jump on board Sam’s Business Bus to help your students foster awareness of entrepreneurship and begin to develop skills that they can use in their local community.  The programme will help your students to:

Become creative

Improve the well-being of the people around them

Develop social enterprise

The students will get a better understanding of what are good leadership and management traits.

Benefits of the Programme

Sam’s Business Bus provides a learning environment that enhances creativity, improves business skills and encourages students to consider self-employment and entrepreneurship as a career choice.  Students have the opportunity to meet and learn from entrepreneurs in the local community. 

The programme provides excellent support tools for teachers, students and schools.  Teachers will have access to fully supported lesson plans and teaching resources.  There is ongoing support from our County Champions and 24/7 technical support. 

There will be excellent PR opportunities for schools.

Partnering with a local business

Sam’s Business Bus partners closely with local businesses where entrepreneurs share their story and experiences with the student. This fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and allows the students to partner with a ‘Local Entrepreneurial Champion’ to learn more about running a business.

Local business
Depiction of success

Celebrating Success

Celebrating success is very important for the students and schools participating on Sam’s Business Bus programme.  Regular updates will be posted on Sam’s Business Bus website and social media promoting the schools participating in the programme, along with promotion on the schools’ websites and social media channels. 

In addition, regular opportunities will be identified for media to engage with the programme and promote local schools’ involvement.  At the end of the programme there will be an Annual Awards Ceremony, highlighting the achievements of the students who participated in the programme.

Blended Learning

The content is designed for a blended learning approach, utilising a robust VLE and digital repository which is enhanced by interactive digital worksheet, animated video content and a series of attractive engagement opportunities. 

Flexible Approach

Sam’s Business Bus features all the management and leadership skills required for young people to consider when thinking of setting up a business.  Each skill is capable of being taught as a single lesson but will also be designed to work with the other elements of the programme. 

You can create your own entrepreneurship programme for your students, deciding whether to deliver a light touch programme or a more in-depth programme.  This depends on the workload of your classroom at any given time.

Jump on board Sam’s Business Bus today!