Saint Bernadette’s SNS

24th May 2022

Ms Carrick’s class in Saint Bernadette’s SNS took part in SBB joining us every week for live virtual lessons online. Pupils in Ms. Carrick’s class enjoyed exploring their ideas each week during our live lessons. They learned all about the exciting world of entrepreneurship. Each week pupils about how to become an entrepreneur, it made them think about it, create ideas and it brought them through all of the difficult stages in creating a business for example, creating a vision, action plans, mission plans, a SWOT analysis and a risk analysis. There was great interactive videos and online engagement through this and it was great to hear what other schools had ideas for a business. Some of the students’ ideas included cafés, games, clubs, hotels and more. For all of their hard work, the class were awarded with their programme certificates and a digital badge for their school. They really enjoyed this and the children interacted with it so well, everyone was engaged by it every Wednesday and the ideas they came up with were very impressive.

About the Programme:

Sam’s Business Bus is a bespoke entrepreneurial programme aimed at sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship with school children and inspiring young people to become the entrepreneurs of the future. The students that board Sam’s Business Bus will discover their skills in leadership and management. They will become more aware of their own community and provide solutions to societal challenges…READ MORE

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