St. Colmcilles SNS

11th March 2022

Two classes in St. Colmcilles SNS took part in Sams Business Bus. Ms McCormacks 6th Class created their own school Hat enterprise using SBB programme resources. The class created everything from the vision, mission and values of their business to carrying out important market research around the school to ensure they created the best possible product for their customers.

The class raised over 900 euro with their enterprise donating a large proportion of the profits to charity. The class won our SBB Stars of the Month award for all of their hard work and were rewarded with a well deserved pizza party.

Ms Synnott’s class also took part in SBB. The class created a school hoodie business. The class aimed to create hoodies for 6th class students to remember their time in school and to mark the end of their primary school experience. The class immersed themselves in our PLug and Play programme using the resources from the videos to create their business vision and values, conduct a S.W.O.T analysis of their idea and undertook goal setting. While there was a hoodie manufacturer supply chain issue students in the class took it upon themselves to speak to their customers and inform them of the supply chain issue showing great initiative and resilience in the face of a great challenge.

Both classes thoroughly enjoyed their SBB experience with both classes achieving a digital badge for their school and programme certificates for each student for their participation and hard work throughout the programme.

About the Programme:

Sam’s Business Bus is a bespoke entrepreneurial programme aimed at sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship with school children and inspiring young people to become the entrepreneurs of the future. The students that board Sam’s Business Bus will discover their skills in leadership and management. They will become more aware of their own community and provide solutions to societal challenges…READ MORE

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