St. Iberius National School, Wexford

19th April 2022

Ms. Curtis’ class in St. Iberius National School in Wexford joined the Sam’s Business Bus programme for our weekly live lessons. Students in the class enjoyed learning all about the exciting world of entrepreneurship. The class’s favourite module was Values, where students explored how their own personal values can feed into their business and entrepreneurial values. During our live lessons students put what they were learning into practice, they set out to find solutions to various business and community problems through entrepreneurial thinking. Ms. Curtis’ students wanted to tackle issues such as homelessness, animal rescue, community services and much more. Ms. Curtis’ class were presented with our Entrepreneurial Excellence award for all of their hard work and innovation during our live lessons.

About the Programme:

Sam’s Business Bus is a bespoke entrepreneurial programme aimed at sowing the seeds of entrepreneurship with school children and inspiring young people to become the entrepreneurs of the future. The students that board Sam’s Business Bus will discover their skills in leadership and management. They will become more aware of their own community and provide solutions to societal challenges…READ MORE

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